The LES Jog-A-Thon is THE major fundraiser of the school year run by the Louisville Elementary School PTO.  The LES PTO is committed to bridging the gap between federal/ state funding, and the funds we need to maintain essential functions and services. This gap amounts to about $100,000.

Each year, we ask families to contribute, through the Jog-A-Thon, a specific amount per child as they are able.  This is the average amount per student that is needed to enable our school to continue to function at the current level of excellence.

You can donate via three methods: 

No matter how you make a donation please ensure your student submits a tracker form to their teacher with their student name, their teacher's name, and the total amount donated. 

Matching Gifts

Many employers offer a matching gift program for employees who donate to non-profit organizations and the Louisville Elementary PTO is an eligible 501(c) organization. Most employers offer a 1:1 match of your donation, but can offer up to a 4:1 match!

We are partnered with Benevity Giving Platform to assist in easily making a matching gift donation; please search for Louisville Elementary Parent Teacher Organization.

After you make your donation, please forward your emailed receipt to your employer, and ask if they do matching gifts. We will send you any necessary information and help you out in any way possible. Please contact us at for assistance.

LES PTO TAX  ID: 82-4799089

Let us know if your company offers this great benefit too!

Jog-a-thon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Louisville Elementary is a public school. Why are our taxes not enough?

You may not realize, but our school only gets 30% of its operating budget (excluding salaries, benefits, and basic building maintenance) paid for from state and county funding. The PTO raises the other 70% (around $100,000)! If you’re wondering about the school taxes you pay and why they aren’t enough, visit for more information.

What student needs does the PTO fund?

How does the PTO raise money? Our fundraising efforts include restaurant nights, Spirit Wear sales, King Soopers, and direct donations via our largest fundraiser, the LES Jog-A-Thon. The Jog-A-Thon is a super fun event the students all love.  It is a day where all students…you guessed it…jog around a ⅛ mile track for about 20 minutes. 

Our fundraising goal for this year’s Jog-A-Thon is $80,000. This means if each student brought in a minimum of $200 we would hit our goal! If we meet our goal we will not need to run additional direct ask fundraisers later in the school year. 

How does the Jog-A-Thon fundraiser work? 

The Jog-A-Thon is aimed at engaging friends, family (grandparents, aunts, uncles), neighbors, and other community members in supporting LES.  Students can solicit a set donation amount or a “per lap” donation (8 laps = 1 mile). Classes will compete to raise the most funds and run the most laps in their grade level. The class in each grade that raises the most money will have a kickball game and popsicle party with either Mr. Miller or Ms. Renteria. The class in each grade level that runs the most laps will get a Jog-A-Thon trophy for their classroom. There will also be a surprise school-wide award if we meet or exceed our goal of $80,000!  We will be collecting donations starting today through October 5th.

How do I give to the Jog-A-Thon fundraiser?

Giving is easy!

• Write a check payable to Louisville Elementary PTO. Place the check in an envelope; you can add postage and snail mail this, send it back in a Friday Folder, hand it to your child’s teacher, or drop it in the main office.

Donate online here. We use PayPal, a well-known and reputable site for online giving. This secure site is available for anyone wishing to put their donation on a credit card, or use their personal PayPal account.